THE BEST BAR IN SYLVANIA!!!!!  (City Paper, Dining Guide, Oct 5, 2016)


We are Sylvania's  best bar and proud of it. We want to thank everyone who voted for our title.  We have done our best to try to give you low-cost entertainment and value.

Back when Sylvania was a 1-stoplight town, the Sodbuster Bar came into being as a neighborhood hangout. Today we are still that, but with a little something for everyone. Do you like live music? We try to bring you some of the best local acts every weekend from September to May. Acts like the Aaron Stark Band, Last Born Sons, The Skittlebots, Two Hour Delay, Not Your Average, Gin Bunny & the Chris Shutters Band. Please check our calendar for dates and shows. We also have solo and accoustic gigs.  We also try to bring you solo acts like Chris Knopp and  the Famous FISH FISHER. Do you like Dixieland Jazz? Come by the Buster every Wednesday night as Ragtime Rick and his Chefs of Dixieland perform from 8 until 11. Sports? The big game is always on our big screen TVs.

So come on by and be greeted with a cold beverage and a smile from Frank, Autumn, or Rosie. Better yet, ask Colton  to fix you one of our famous burgers. Our hamburgers are always fresh and the Tigers game is always on TV.

Our Saturday hours are 4pm - 2:30am
Saturday's Specials


ALL WRAPS $6.00.  Choose between the Jive Turkey, Crispy Chicken, Fresh Prince, & since we are feeling nice, throw in the ULTIMATE BLT as well. 


Jan 20 Sat Ind'grass 9 PM
Jan 24 Wed Ragtime Rick & His Chefs of Dixieland 8 PM
Jan 26 Fri The Simon Carter Reunion 9PM